Thrift Shop (CRAZY INDIAN REMIX) - So So Desi Entertainment ft....
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Thrift Shop (CRAZY INDIAN REMIX) - So So Desi Entertainment ft. Altamish,...

Music video for So So Desi Entertainment’s crazy, random, and hilarious Indian remix to the song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore with our version of the Harlem Shake featuring Akram & Altamish. Hope you guys enjoy it! Please be sure to share, like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE!
Music Credits:
Producer/Music – Akz (Akram Rajwani) :
English Rap Verse 1- Altamish Bhaidani :
English Rap Verse 2 – Akram Rajwani
Video Credits:
Shot, Directed & Edited By – Akram Rajwani, Phalguna Cavuturu, Altamish Bhaidani
Cast/Additional Credits:
Phalguna Cavuturu, Akram Rajwani, Altamish Bhaidani,Pathik Desai, Al-Virah Kabani, Riyaz Rajwani, Ikrah Hussain, Kais Hussain, Serena Jafer, Raunaq Bana, Alisha Bhimani
Khizer Khan, Rachel Lowe, Pranthi Cavuturu, SOME RANDOM GUY WE FOUND AT PATEL BROTHERS, Daniel Ali, Ali Vansi, Aftab Panjwani.
A HUGE THANKS to the following establishments:
Patel Brothers, Paradoxical Photography, Park Avenue Thrift Shop, PRESTIGE HELICOPTERS, Zyka
A big shoutout to the guys at TrackBasterdz Recording for letting us use their studio. Be sure to check out their music @
“Thrift Shop is originally performed by Macklemore”
Label Macklemore LLC
Writer(s) Ben Haggerty
Producer Ryan Lewis
No copyright infringement intended.

©2013 So So Desi Entertainment

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