Mumbai Four Seasons Hotel Bombay
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Mumbai Four Seasons Hotel Bombay

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is the largest metropolitan city of India. Mumbai was given by Portuguese as dowry to Charles II of England when he married Catherine. The group of seven island was leased to the East India Company who offered freedom of business and religion to persons who came and settled here. Initially a few Parsis and Gujarati came but soon a sizeable population began to thrive here. This was way back in the 17th century. Today also Mumbai is a city of migrants. People from all over the country have come and settled here. Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, is a fast paced and cosmopolitan city. This historic city, extending along the sea, has grand buildings and is the center of India’s Hindi film industry. A tour of Mumbai’s monuments and sights is a great way to enjoy a holiday in Mumbai. Gaze in wonder at the majestic Victoria Terminus and the impressive Gateway of India, enjoy the beautiful beaches, tour the Prince of Wales museum and the Bombay Natural History Museum to know more about India’s wildlife and take a trip to one of the film studios in the city to watch a movie being made.
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